Apex Merchant Group Scams


Is Apex Merchant Group A Scam?

Apex Merchant Group is a company that caters to the needs of retail businesses and the food service industry. Apex Services works diligently on a daily bases to create custom solutions for their client’s needs. The appointment setter agents call local business owners to determine whether an alternative solution to their credit card processing needs is required. The company works in connection with several credit card processing companies and when a business owner is contacted they are offered one of these credit card processing services. These are usually offered discounted savings over what the business owner is currently paying.

Rising concern over the marketing methods

There does seem to be a rising concern over the marketing methods that are used when reaching out to these businesses. These concerns are found amongst some of the clients as well as some of the employees of the company. The clients that have had a poor experience and attempted to resolve their concerned with Apex Merchant Group have found that their concerns were immediately addressed and their issues resolved. The few that did not direct their concerns to the company were left with unresolved issues and as a result, were left unhappy with the ultimate experience and process. The question that one has to ask regarding this phenomenon is who is responsible at this point? Is it the company that may have made a mistake but was not afforded an opportunity to correct it? Or if it the responsibility of the person that was unhappy yet chose to publish negative reviews rather than seek a resolution to their concerns with the company directly?

The company holds an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau

I am not here to answer these questions for you as this is a decision that you will need to make on your own based on the information that I will share with you throughout this article. When researched it has been noted that this company holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. While this rating is not conclusive of the fact that nothing has been done wrong during the course of operations what it does showcase is that when wrong has been done it has been promptly handled by the company to ensure that their clients walk away satisfied with the process.

Not able to handle the growth

There is no person or business entity currently in existence that I am aware of that has not made its own share of mistakes. This business has reported that during one of their growth periods they employed many new sales agents. The training platform that had been in place was not able to handle this growth and some agents did not receive the adequate training on what should or should not be done when dealing with a potential customer. As a result of this error, some agents were over promising on services and even though these services were not listed in the contracts the business owners were lead to believe that they would indeed receive these services.

Apex Merchant Group took action

The Apex Merchant Group took action when they discovered this error and began the process of instituting a new training program that would help new agents to understand what their obligations were not just to the company but also to their clients as well. Those clients that presented their concerns through the proper channels were offered reasonable solutions and this is the main reason why they hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Employee concerns

While I was unable to obtain an official report as to why some employees were unhappy it is possible that some of these employees are the ones that were terminated for overpromising products and service that the company did not provide. There is also the possibility that some of these employees where those on the phone lines after the fact and were inundated with concerns that they were unaccustomed to dealing with nor had been prepared to deal with since this had not been the common practice before the sudden growth.

The sales process

The sales process begins with an appointment specialist that will call and attempt to schedule an appointment with a business owner. Once the owner has agreed to meet a sales agent will visit the business to discuss the options available to determine whether switching companies is the best solution. In some cases packages are put together that offer added value but in most cases the standard packages are offered. What does not get taken into consideration during this sit down is whether the business owner is currently under contract. It is assumed that the potential client is out of contract when the meeting is scheduled to discuss the various credit card processing options available. You now have enough information in order to make a reasonable decision regarding whether you believe or don’t believe that Apex Merchant Group is a scam.